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Race Advisor Ratings

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Pay-As-You-Go Horse Racing Ratings

The Race Advisor Pay-As-You-Go Horse Racing Ratings allows you to access some of the most powerful ratings available on daily basis.

  • Get the PR (Power Rating) and VDW (Va Der Wheil) rating for every race
  • Discover how many newspapers have napped (strongest bet) each horse
  • See the distance a horse has travelled to race
  • Easy access to the number of races each horse has been in to know how experienced they are
  • Export all the days racecards and ratings in a CSV file (Race Advisor Sheets)
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Every now and then the VDW suggests ridiculous horses which i have ignored.... then they go on and win It's pretty impressive!

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Just a line to say what a fantastic addition the VDW stats are. I use them daily could not imagine making a selection without the data.

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I am £600.00 in profit this month by dutching one race a day 10 races have won on the trot so far,


Race Advisor User


Race Advisor User


Race Advisor User

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How It Works

Here is how you can get started using the Race Advisor Pay-As-You-Go Ratings in the next five minutes...

1. Create your account and login

Login, or create your free account, and add a payment method.

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2. Open any race card

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3. Click Purchase Ratings

Your purchase gives you access to ratings for EVERY race that day!

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What It Costs

This service is a pay-per-usage service, which means you only get charged for what you use.

You will be charged for your usage to the payment method on your account. Invoices are sent out in arrears on the 2nd and 18th of each month.

Ratings cost £0.87 per day (for all races). You can purchase from any race and will get access to ratings for every race that day. There is NO subscription.

Race Advisor Ratings are capped at £9.57 in any one billing period, after which, all races will have their ratings displayed in the remaining billing period free of charge.

The cap resets on the 2nd and 18th of each month.

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Get Started

Create your account, or login, now to get started.

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