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On-Demand Horse Racing Tips

The Race Advisor Day-Tips provide horse racing tips from well known tipsters on a pay-per-use basis.

This is currently in its first beta with five tipsters. Tips are made available when we receive them from the tipsters (usually early to mid-morning)

With day access, you no longer have to subscribe to a monthly service to get horse racing tips. You can get them on the days you want them, when you want them.

You are in complete control of your horse racing success.

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I have watched and watched and watched and started to see patterns which I am following and my tracker says I am getting a 31.47 Betting Profit, 73% ROI and 44% Betting Advantage.

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It is great what you are doing, the latest upgrade is a dream to use. Dutching the best 3 in the race over the past 2 weeks has doubled my account. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for all you do, I now only use your website for my betting & am in profit for the first time ever. Once again Thank you.


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Race Advisor User


Race Advisor User

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How It Works

Here is how you can get started using the Race Advisor Day-Tips in the next five minutes...

1. Create your account and login

Login, or create your free account, and add a payment method.

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2. Click on Buy Tips for the tipster you want

Then agree to the terms.

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3. Start using the tips

After purchase you will see a View Tips button and you will be able to see your tips in a list, as well as on the racecards.

What It Costs

This service is a pay-per-usage service, which means you only get charged for what you use.

You will be charged for your usage to the payment method on your account. Invoices are sent out in arrears on the 2nd and 18th of each month.

Tipster Day-Tips cost £1.50 per day. There is NO subscription.

Tipster Day-Tips are capped at £15.00 in any one billing period per tipster, after which, Tipster Day-Tips in the remaining billing period for that tipster are free of charge.

The cap resets on the 2nd and 18th of each month.

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Get Started

Create your account, or login, now to get started.

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